Hello there! 😄

If you're here you're probably interested in not using BeReal in the way it was intended to be used, and to be honest thats why I mainly started this project too! Don't worry, there's no judgment ;)

With TooFake, you can view friends' BeReals without posting your own. You can post custom images. You can add custom reactions and react to posts. You can also comment & react to posts without posting. You can also screenshot and download BeReals without being detected.

This project is completely open source and still a work in progress. There are many issues that I know of and others that I don't know of; feel free to reach out with bugs or if you'd like to contribute!

It's based on a lot of the great work done at Notmarek's BeFake and inspired by shomil. Go show them some support!

BeReal continuously changes their code which sometimes breaks this project. I'll try to keep a status up on the homepage.

- 🥗


Will I get banned from BeReal

TooFake, the BeFake project, and the old BeFake website have been running for over 10 months without anybody getting banned. Trends show you are safe! But as with everything there's always a small risk.

Is TooFake safe?

TooFake is completely open source; you can check out the code here. It doesn't save any of your credentials. If you are uncomfortable using this client, you can run a local instance aswell!

Why can't I login?

Logging in should currently be working. TooFake tries to log you in two times with two different BeReal providers; if both fail then there might be an issue I don't know of. Try refreshing the website and trying again.

Can I screenshot or download friends' BeReals?

Yes, you can take screenshots without notifying your friends. You can also press the download button on the bottom right of a BeReal to download the primary image

Why does the website crash when I try to post images?

If the images you are posting are .heic, .heif, (iphone images) or .webp images, the website will crash as it currently does not support those. Please try converting them or taking a screenshot of the photos and posting those.

Why does the page I'm at go entirely black or have a client side exception?

This might happen if there is some error that arises that we haven't handled. Please refresh the page or re-login

How To Use

Logging in

Login by navigating to toofake.lol and entering your phone number. After that it will try to send a code using two providers, if one fails you'll see red and blue text notifying you it is trying the second. You should recieve a code. Enter the code and press enter once. You'll hopefully be redirected to the homepage where you can view BeReals.

Viewing BeReals

After logging in, you should see all your friends BeReals. On a computer, you can click any of the images to swap them, and drag the images around. On mobile, click the big image to swap it to the small one.

Posting BeReals

You can post BeReals by clicking post on the navigation menu. Select your primary and secondary image and add a caption. Submit the image and hopefully it'll get posted. Posting does not support iphone images (.heic & .heif) or .webp images as of yet.

Reacting to BeReals

You can react to BeReals by clicking the smiley reaction face at the top right of a BeReal next to the username. This will show you your current reactions that you have. Click one to submit it, you'll see a loading sign and a check if it works or an X if it fails.

Adding custom Reactions

You can add custom reactions by navigating to the realmojis menu on the navigation menu. You'll see your current reactions alongside the emoji theyre associated with. Click on select a new reaction to submit an image, then click the send button that pops up. Hopefully your reaction will get added. You'll see a loading symbol and a check if it works.
NOTE: It may take a minuite or two for your reactions to start showing

Common Issues